Moxielash Vs Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes! Best Buying Guide

Moxielash Vs Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes! Best Buying Guide 2022

Magnetized artificial nails have been in fashion for years now, but magnetized false eyelashes came into existence only a few years ago to improve traditional fake eyelashes. These were first introduced by two different manufacturers: OPI and Pixiwoo. There’s another new entrant called MoxieLash that has recently hit the market. If you’re looking to buy these kinds of lashes, here’s what you need to know about them all!

Let us start this article with some background information about the company behind Moxielash:

The American-based beauty brand was founded in 2014. Its CEO, Rachel Moore (a former executive at Estee Lauder), started her own business after she couldn’t find high-quality magnetic eyelashes for herself anymore. She then decided to create her line of fashionable yet affordable faux eyelashes using natural human hair. Her passion eventually led to success because today, Moxielash is considered among the best brands of cosmetic products available online. It offers its customers, not just pretty looks but also long-lasting results.

Choosing the right ones can be tricky, with so many options out there. So, we’ve compiled the essential things from the Moxielash product range to help you make your decision easier. Here’s our review of MoxieLash versus Glamnetic…

What is Moxielash?

To understand whether or not MoxieLash is worth it, let’s compare it against similar competitors like Glamgenic. While every competitor wants to offer the same thing, each brand provides unique features that set them apart. For example, while Glamgenic focuses on delivering 100% natural lashes, Moxielash strives to deliver more realistic results through its patented technology. On top of that, MoxieLash claims to use natural human hair rather than synthetic fibers. However, Glamgenic wins over everyone else due to its competitive pricing structure when it comes down to price. Lastly, when comparing the overall experience, customer service, delivery time, etc., MoxieLash wins once again. Overall, MoxieLash seems to be far superior to any other competing brand.

Is MoxieLash worth it?

If you ask me personally, I would say yes. Sure, there isn’t much difference between MoxieLash and Glamgenic, except that MoxieLash uses natural human hairs, whereas Glamgenic relies solely on synthetic materials. But if you look deeper, you’ll see that MoxieLash does offer several additional benefits that put its products above those provided by Glamgenic. First, unlike Glamgenic, MoxieLash doesn’t cut corners on safety. Instead of simply copying existing technologies, the team behind MoxieLash worked hard to develop something completely original. Second, even though Glamgenic utilizes synthetic materials, it still maintains good flexibility since it allows users to customize their lashes according to their choice of eye color and skin tone.

In contrast, MoxieLash delivers consistent effects regardless of individual preferences. Thirdly, although both brands claim to sell 100 percent genuine copies, Glamgenic cannot guarantee that its products will last longer compared to MoxieLash. Finally, MoxieLash offers quicker shipping times compared to Glamgenic. All in all, based on my personal experiences, I’d say MoxieLash is worth it.

What is Glamactic?

It might seem weird to call Glamatic a competitor of MoxieLash, but considering the similarities shared by the two brands, it feels appropriate to include it under the category. Both companies share the goal of offering 100% organic and cruelty-free eyelashes. They do differ in terms of how they achieve such goals. Whereas MoxieLash opts for real human hair, Glamgetic goes with synthetic materials. However, unlike MoxieLash, Glametic doesn’t focus exclusively on selling premium versions. Instead, it sells various cheap eyelashes made specifically for budget shoppers who don’t mind sacrificing quality for lower prices. Also, Glamenic has no direct involvement with marketing efforts related to its products. This means that its sales reps aren’t responsible for making phone calls or sending emails to potential buyers.

On the contrary, MoxieLash employs professional marketers who actively promote its products across social media platforms. Furthermore, Glamic’s website design barely resembles anything close to aesthetics— it’s barebones and ugly. As a result, if you’re someone who prefers sleek websites, you should steer clear away from buying from Glamictive.

Do Glamagnetic lashes fall off?

When it comes to asking whether or not Glamagic eyelashes come with removal tools, the answer depends on where you purchased them. Some people claim that if you follow instructions correctly, you won’t have trouble removing them yourself. Others argue that you must buy special removal kits from experts. Either way, the truth remains that there are certain risks involved if you decide to remove them yourself without knowing how to do so.

Therefore, before purchasing, please take note of the following tips:

  • First, avoid applying makeup remover directly onto your eyeshadow. Doing so could cause irritation and allergies.
  • Secondly, wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. You may get contaminated during the process, primarily if you work with chemical substances. Remember to rinse your face well too.
  • Thirdly, remember to apply warm water instead of hot water to soften the glue layer around the magnets. Hot water tends to weaken adhesive bonds.
  • Lastly, carefully peel off the backing film from the backside of your lashes. Try not to pull downwards towards your eyelid, which may damage your sensitive eyeball tissue. Hold the lashes firmly with tweezers and gently slide upwards until the sticky side faces up. Then, slowly separate them from your eyelids. Afterward, soak the lashes in warm water for 10 minutes and try washing them with soap later. Once everything dries, place a thin cotton pad underneath your eyes and continue sleeping peacefully. If you notice your lashes falling off overnight, repeat the procedure once or twice.

Overall, if you pay attention to details, you shouldn’t run into serious problems trying to remove Glamagic lashes. Although it requires patience, getting rid of glued-on eyelashes is relatively easy. Nevertheless, if you prefer having expert assistance, there are plenty of places where you can find specialists.

Glamective vs. Moxielash Comparison, which one to buy?

To summarize, MoxieLash is the winner. It offers higher quality products, but it also guarantees greater satisfaction levels compared to Glamicative products. Despite being cheaper, Glamicient products lack the fine detailing and exceptional performance of MoxieLash. Additionally, if you choose to purchase Glamhetic lashes via Amazon, you’ll receive free shipping and instant access to 24/7 live chat support provided by representatives from MoxieLash. Last but not least, MoxieLash makes sure that your package arrives safely within two days of ordering and gives you ample time to inspect them. When you consider all factors mentioned above, it becomes apparent that MoxieLash is the better option.

What are the finest brands of magnetic eyelashes?

Although there are indeed lots of brands out there claiming to produce top-notch magnetic eyelashes, finding the perfect pair of fake eyelashes can sometimes prove to be complicated. To give you a hint, below are 3 of the finest brands that you should check out next time you go shopping for eyelashes:

1. Opi

The famous nail polish brand manufactures OPI Magnetic Eyelashes. Each pair contains four pieces of full-length magnetic lashes attached to double-sided tape. With Opi magnetic eyelashes, you get complete control over the thickness and size of your desired lashes. One great thing about these lashes is that they fit perfectly inside your regular mascara tube. That means you can save space in your bag and keep extra room for other essentials.

2. Pixiwoo

Pixiwoo Magnetic Lashes feature 0.5-inch dual magnetic end extensions. Their flexible material lets you attach them to almost anywhere on your lids. Plus, they’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, these lashes are made from soft nylon bristles that feel very gentle on your eyes.

3. Lashtastic

Like Pixiwoo, Lashtastic’s Magnetic False Eyelashes are designed specifically for women. Thanks to their smooth edges, they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. What’s more, you can easily curl them upward to mimic natural eyelashes. You’ll love watching your friends compliment you on your sexy new look.

Nowadays, anyone with average vision can affordably get beautiful lashes thanks to innovations happening in the industry.

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