Can You Use Eyeliner As Lip Liner? PROs and CONs

Can You Use Eyeliner As Lip Liner? PROs and CONs | 2024 Guide

The question “can I wear eyeliner on my lips?” has been asked repeatedly. The answer is yes…you can! But how exactly should you go about it? Is there any difference between eyeliner and lip liner when applied together? Let’s find out in this article.

Why would anyone want to combine these two products into one? What are their uses? And what are some of the challenges that could arise from doing so? Keep reading to learn more.

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner?

Yes, you can!! Many people already do just that even while wearing regular makeup. If you’re wondering whether you can use eyeliner as a lip liner, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know below.

Is lip liner and eyeliner the same?

Lip liner comes in various shades of pink, red, nude, brown, purple, blue, etc., whereas eyeliner usually consists of gray shades. They both serve similar purposes, although their functions differ slightly.

Eyeliner serves primarily to outline our eyes, giving us a sharper look. Its main function is to separate our eyes from our faces. On the other hand, lip liner helps us define our lips. It creates the impression of fuller, sexier lips.

Most importantly, we needn’t worry about mixing the colors since they work independently. Applying eyeliner does not affect the intensity of your lipstick, nor vice versa. You can mix and match colors anytime you, please.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the differences between eyeliner and lip liner. Now enjoy experimenting with new ways to style your beauty routine.

How can you use eyeliner as a lip liner?

Now that you understand the difference between eyeliner and lip liner let’s talk about using them correctly. Here are three easy steps to guide you through.

Step 1: First, warm up your lips by holding a cup of hot water near them for several seconds. Make sure your hands aren’t greasy and dry entirely afterward. Next, remove excess moisture from your lips by gently patting them with tissue paper. Don’t forget to remove lip balm too.

Next step: Apply eyeliner generously to your entire lower lids with a clean brush. Start with lighter tones such as pinks and nudes, gradually adding darker ones for contrast.

Afterward, carefully wipe off the excess pigment with tissues. Like with mascara, you should wait for 24 hours after finishing your makeup before eating anything spicy or rich. Otherwise, your lips might become overly sensitive.

Step 3: Finish off your makeup by reapplying lipstick. Be sure to blend your eyeliner with your lipstick smoothly. Or else, you risk ending up with noticeable harsh lines.

Also, remember to moisturize your lips every night to lock in your favorite shade.

What are the benefits of using eyeliner as a lip liner?

There are multiple reasons why you should incorporate eyeliner into your daily look. Aside from helping you achieve a sharper overall aesthetic, it gives your features dimensionality, depth, separation, and structure.

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of eyeliner is to separate our eyes from our faces. Therefore, it should ideally fall somewhere between our cheekbones and hairline. While placing it higher or lower causes unsightly effects, keeping its placement consistent throughout your facial expressions prevents unwanted gaps.

Another benefit of wearing eyeliner as a lip liner is that it provides a smooth canvas upon which you can build your foundation. Without it, defining the border of your lips becomes quite tricky.

Finally, eyeliner offers versatility because its ability to adapt to almost any type of outfit allows you to show off your personality no matter what occasion calls for.

Best lip liner alternatives

While eyeliner and lip liner are essentially the same thing, choosing the right product depends on personal preference. However, if you struggle to find the right formula, read on for alternative suggestions.

  • First, you can try purchasing lip liner pens. These are convenient tools featuring concentrated formulas that allow users to customize their lines easily. Most brands offer a variety of options ranging from bold to sheer hues.
  • Second, you can try lining your lips with cotton swabs dipped in gel shadow. Although this method doesn’t provide precise results, it’s excellent for beginners. Plus, you can control the thickness and opacity of the line depending on how deeply you dip the tip. Unfortunately, this option isn’t ideal for covering blemishes.
  • Last but certainly not least, you can pick up a good quality lip pencil. A pencil requires minimal effort compared to brushes or pens. Grab a lovely shade and lightly press it against your lips for a softer result. Like with cotton swab applications, this method isn’t perfect either. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying, especially when you’re pressed for time.

If none of these methods appeal to you, you can always resort to using concealer. Try picking up creamy foundations specifically made for highlighting cheeks and lips. Alternatively, you can purchase cream blushes in various shades. Depending on your preferences, you can also dab a bit of loose powder on your lips to enhance their visual impact.

Looking flawless sometimes means sacrificing comfort, so bear in mind that your lips might become sore or irritated if you wear eyeliner for extended periods. Take extra care of them by hydrating them thoroughly beforehand.

Remember to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol immediately following your nightly ritual lest you have a nasty rash.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional makeup artist if you experience difficulty coordinating your cosmetics. They can advise you on the proper techniques and products to complement your lifestyle.

Some common questions regarding combining eyeliner with lipstick include:

Can you put eyeliner directly over your eyebrows?

You definitely can. Many women choose to apply eyeliner along their upper lashes instead of at the outer corners where they meet the skin (which often makes them look like raccoons). Some artists recommend applying eyeliner only to the inner corner of each lash because it makes the eyes appear more prominent. Whichever way you prefer, remember that you always get to decide.

If you wish to try putting eyeliner above your brows, start by drawing an upward line on your lower lid with a black pencil up to your brow bone. Then add another thin layer of light color under the dark lines to create a blended effect.

Be careful to blend the edges nicely so you won’t see sharp lines once you finish. First, soften the edge with your finger before agreeing to make things easier.

For those who don’t plan on going overboard with their makeup but still want to achieve an evening look, draw some subtle winged eyeliner around your natural lashes. It will give your eyes a beautiful smoky appearance without making them too heavy looking.

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Does it matter which direction you apply eyeliner?

No, you can apply it however you’d like. Some experts say that it’s better to keep your eyeliner angled inward toward the base of your nose, away from the center of your face. Others follow the contour of your jawline and angle their eyeliner outward toward the temples. Whatever works best for you, experiment until you discover what suits you most. Remember, though, never apply eyeliner straight across your whole bottom lids— it looks terrible.

Here are some additional tips to help you figure out which side to use:

  1. When creating the illusion of longer lashes, begin with your top lid and extend downward diagonally towards the outer corner. From here, continue down the outside of your eye and end at the crease of your eyelid.
  2. Start at the outer corner of your bottom lid for thicker lashes and move up toward the temple. After reaching your crease, turn back downwards at 90 degrees and connect with the previous stroke.
  3. Never attempt to fake long lashes using thick liquid eyeliner. Instead, opt for a soft brush applicator and paint tiny dots onto your eyelashes.
  4. Lastly, if you’re having trouble figuring out which ends to use, consider taking pictures of yourself from different angles. Study the results closely and compare them to other photos of celebrities’ eyes. Also, pay attention to the shape of their eyebrows and eyelashes.

It may take a little practice to master this technique, but you’ll soon notice that your application seems much less messy than usual. Once you feel confident enough, you can experiment further.

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