Can Sakura Beat Zoro?

Can Zoro beat Blackbeard?

But Zoro can.

Base Luffy peaked at the Aokiji fight before Water 7.

He can’t get stronger than that without the Gear buffs..

Who would win in a fight Luffy or Natsu?

Luffy can dodge fire Natsu thanks of his haki and his punches could kill Natsu, Natsu could kill him when the fight is longer. Remember that his fire increases when Natsu is getting angry. Haoshoku Haki is useless to Natsu, remeber that Natsu is strong and stronger than Luffy.

Who would win Zoro vs Erza?

Zoro uses pure swordsmen techniques whereas Erza uses magic. Zoro is brute strength while on the other hand Erza has different armors and she can requip them amazingly fast. But I think Zoro would have an upper hand because he can use haki and can cut through anything he wants.

Can Naruto beat Luffy?

Luffy is fast, but he can’t travel faster than light. … In water, Luffy can’t move a muscle and would be a sitting duck. And that’s all assuming that Luffy, even given his endurance, can stand up to a shinobi far stronger than anything he’s ever fought before – yes, even Kaido. Naruto wouldn’t just win this fight.

Can Luffy beat Saitama?

The fight will be a draw. As Saitama has been defined as the strongest man alive and his strength has been shown as momentous, there is no way Luffy could beat him despite his strength and willpower.

Can kirito beat Zoro?

Zoro EASILY defeats Kirito in agility, power, endurance and technique. It wouldn’t even be a fight. You don’t know One Piece well enough, and that’s why you thought this was even a question. Zoro would win through pure power alone.

Can kirito beat Naruto?

Also no. And even if he could… Naruto actually survived a hit from an attack that sliced the moon in half. … The only way Kirito can win this is if Naruto is inside one of the VR games Kirito plays and the game somehow restricts him to using abilities from the game rather than having access to his usual powers.

Can Zoro beat Natsu?

In the end, while Natsu can win, Zoro has the ability to one shot. Meanwhile, Natsu isn’t putting Zoro down worse than Thriller Bark did before Zoro gets that shot.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke?

Sasuke beats Zoro in every category except probably raw strength. Sasuke is faster, has more destructive power,smarter, more versatile, more skilled of a fighter and possess multiple hax abilities that will allow him to take Zoro down.

Who can beat Zoro?

1 Can’t Beat: Luffy In terms of both Observation and Armament Haki, Luffy is superior to Zoro.

Can Naruto beat Blackbeard?

Naruto is easily capable of beating Blackbeard in a fight.

Who is stronger law or Zoro?

Zoro wins. While room is dangerous and versatile, it requires actually hitting someone when in it for it to be effective. Meaning even if Zoro is in the “room”, Law would have to cut him inside the room for him to cut Zoro in half.

How strong is Zoro?

I. As a three-sword user, Zoro was a master at both melee-type and long-range sword strikes. Furthermore, despite not possessing haki or a Devil Fruit, he could pump his arms up with pure muscle and was strong enough to deflect a punch from Oars.

Can Sakura beat Luffy?

Luffy for sure, in terms of pure fighting skills and strength, Sakura takes the dub. But because of Luffys fruit, no matter how many punches she gives Luffy he will take no damage. And if luffy uses Gear 4, the attack will be strong enough to beat Sakura.

Can Zoro beat Ichigo?

Currently, Zoro is a casual mountain slicer using only a flying slash. He can basically already fight Dangai Ichigo, since he was also a casual mountain slicer. He’s just as durable, if not more durable than Ichigo by the feats that he’s shown in the Thriller Bark Arc.