Is Nami Stronger Than Luffy?

Will Nami eat a devil fruit?

Nami is already very powerful, and she has tremendous room to grow.

She could possibly gain Prometheus in the future, and wield Haki too.

As such, there’s absolutely no need for her to eat a Devil Fruit..

Who is Luffy’s mom?

Curly DadanOriginally Answered: Who is the real mother of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece? Curly Dadan the Mountain Bandit. She is the one who housed him, clothed him, fed him, and otherwise raised him for ten years.

Who is the weakest straw hat?

UsoppOda said Usopp is always the weakest among the straw hats.

Will Nami marry Luffy?

Luffy and Nami definitively have the major moments and the emotional bonding while remaining consistent to the One Piece canon. I think it’s clear that Luffy and Nami will stay together to the end of everything. Oda has given much of a clue about this.

Will usopp get a devil fruit?

It’s very likely that Usopp will never get a Devil Fruit. … Aside from it being unnecessary for his character, it would be very trite and boring to see any more of the crew suddenly gain Devil Fruit abilities. It just furthers the strength of crew seeing them get as far as they are without the need of superhuman powers.

Can usopp beat Zoro?

Usopp isn’t in the crew for his pure fighting abilities though. … But Usopp has way more strength than Zoro.

Who killed arlong in one piece?

Luffy1 Answer. In anime, we are shown Luffy knocking out Arlong, after that it’s assumed all of his crew is taken to Navy prisons but in the Impel Down arc, we don’t see Arlong.

What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami?

Originally Answered: What’s the deal with Nami and Luffy in One Piece? They’re crew mates. luffys her captain and she’s his navigator. They’re bond is so close that they’re willing to die for each other, same as any other member of the crew for the others.

Why does Nami only wear a bra?

Because she wants to and she thinks she looks cute in it. It stands up until Dressrosa. Nami always dressed skimpily and used her looks to her advantage, I would say it fits her character.

Does NAMI betray Luffy?

At first, Nami was excited to join the crew but grew more reluctant once she learned that Luffy is a pirate because of her disgust of pirates. She betrayed Luffy and even wished him dead before he formed a crew.

Does NAMI love Luffy?

9 Fans Rejected: Luffy X Nami Still, to the fans, these two have never seemed like anything more than close friends. … We love the chemistry between the Captain and Navigator of the Straw Hat crew, but couldn’t imagine them even holding hands romantically.

Is Nami stronger than arlong?

Nami does not need to land a knockout punch to Arlong. She has her ways of beating an opponent way stronger than her. … Nami can beat the crap out of Arlong at this point.

Who is the weakest yonko?

Marijuanna/ShanksMarijuanna/Shanks is the weakest Yonko.

What is NAMI’s full name?

National Alliance on Mental IllnessNAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Who is the smartest straw hat?

FrankyFranky is the smartest. Luffy and Brook are fools. Zoro is of average intellect, and Sanji’s a few steps higher. Chopper, Nami and Robin are on the level of experts in their given class.

Is Luffy the strongest in his crew?

1 MONKEY D LUFFY Luffy is a genius-level fighter who easily adapts his abilities in order to gain victory over his opposition. Luffy yearns for the title of ‘Pirate King’ and, on his journey so far, he has proven to be the strongest amonsgt his crew.

Does NAMI love Sanji?

Nami often takes advantage of Sanji’s undying devotion to her, ordering him to do her bidding, which Sanji enjoys it. However, she does often get annoyed by his womanizing behavior during serious moments and doesn’t hesitate to beat him up.

Can Luffy have 2 Devil fruits?

Luffy will not eat a second devil fruit, although he may gain a new form in the time frame before he fights Blackbeard.

Is usopp a God?

“God” Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the fourth member of the crew and the third to join, doing so at the end of the Syrup Village Arc. … Despite his normal cowardice, Usopp dreams of becoming a brave warrior of the sea just like his father and lives every day in pursuit of living up to this dream.

Did Luffy kill anyone?

Luffy had never killed any of his enemies… except only once, in a non-canon movie.

Is usopp stronger than Nami?

Nami has stronger attacks due to the nature of her weapon, but Usopp is more versatile and in a duel between two weapon technique users, Usopp would win hands down. Pre-timeskip Nami does not have anything to avoid Usopp’s Shuriken Stars.