Quick Answer: What Is A Word For Unplanned?

What does the word unplanned mean?

: not expected or intended : not planned an unplanned detour an unplanned pregnancy..

What do you call an unplanned meeting?

1. For quick, I might use brief. For unplanned, I might use impromptu.

What is the opposite of unplanned?

Antonyms: contrived, preset, put-up, planned, predetermined, intended, deep-laid.

What is it called when something unexpected happens?

suspense. details that lead up to the climax. irony. when something unexpected happens.

What is it called when you do things on a whim?

When you have a small, temporary feeling of wanting to do something, it’s called a “whim”. Doing something “on a whim” means doing it wihout planning it carefully or thinking about it seriously. You do it just for fun.

What’s a word for last minute?

•last minute (noun) eleventh hour, nick of time, under the wire, high time.

What is the opposite of developed?

Opposite of advanced or mature in development. undeveloped. raw. rudimentary.

What is another word for unplanned?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unplanned, like: impromptu, accidental, adventitious, planned, aleatory, fortuitous, haphazard, random, spontaneous, undesigned and unexpected.