Quick Answer: Where Do I Put Pulsing Xenia?

How fast does pulsing Xenia grow?

It can grow pretty quickly but it’s hard to judge it’s rate of growth.

When I first got it, within a few weeks it had more than doubled in size (I have the Red Sea xenia).

Now it grows so much, I prune back about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the growth every week..

Is pulsing Xenia dangerous?

there is NO palytoxin in Xenia! You are perfectly safe if you happen to have this pulsating monster overgrowing your reef tank. But, please, do be mindful of any Palythoa that might be growing nearby, as that one can cause you quite a bit of trouble.

Do Xenia like high flow?

Pom Pom Coral Growth and Flow conditions. It loves good lighting, good flow, and dirtier tanks. Zero nitrate tanks may find it less happy. … Xenia coral spreads in your reef tank by adhering to rock work it comes in contact with as it grows.

How do you kill anthelia coral?

Take a tooth pick and start prying them from the base, once you get a portion of the base off the rock, grab that part and slowly pull the whole thing off the rock. I was able to get a much better grip on the base than the stalk. Rip it slowly (wiggle a little side to side too)and you will get it.

Why is my pulsing Xenia not pulsing?

Xenia are a good way to tell what your alkalinity is doing in the tank. When it’s low the pulsing slows down. When it gets too high you will see that when the xenia pulses the tips don’t come together at the same time, the pulsing will be disjointed.

What kills pulsing Xenia?

Clownfish. kalk does the trick.

Are pulsing Xenia toxic?

Xenia contain no toxins whatsoever.

Does anything eat pulsing Xenia?

I have had zoster and heniochus butterflies eat them. Other butterflies will eat them too, but are more likely to pick at other corals as well.

Do you need to feed Xenia?

Xenia does not require feeding, nor do they have any mechanism for feeding.. Zoos can eat things, but it’s not necessary to actually feed them. They’ll eat enough detritus or uneaten food from feeding your fish.

Does all Xenia pulse?

Not all Xenia pulsate, but the species that do will generally pulse about 8 times per minute, yet there can be quite a variation in the strength and speed of the pulsing action. Xenia can live from 1 to 7 years, with 3-7 being most common in captivity.

Do pulsing Xenia closed at night?

Mine do the same thing as reefshadow’s, they will close up after the lights go out, but during the night they will kinda re-open (not fully) and pulse…