What Are The New NHIF Rules?

Does Aga Khan accept NHIF?

At the Aga Khan University Hospital, only Qualified Doctors licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and granted Admitting Privileges by the Hospital are allowed to admit.

NHIF and Insurance Medical Cards.

NHIF only applies to Kenyan Nationals only and not to patients coming from outside Kenya..

Can Linda mama be used in any hospital?

Hospitals supporting the Linda Mama cover Most of the hospitals that are accredited by NHIF offer the free maternal healthcare under the Linda Mama initiative. These Linda Mama hospitals are available all over the country. These hospitals are also adequately equipped to provide quality healthcare for expectant women.

Can I check my NHIF number online?

How to check NHIF account status online on the official site. Get to NHIF’s official website. Sign in to the self-service online portal using your NHIF card numbers, email address and phone number. Create your own password which you will be using to log in using the online portal.

How do I know if I am registered with NHIF?

How to check NHIF status via SMSGo to the main menu on your mobile phone and compose a message.At the message space, type ‘ID’, a space followed by the ID number or the Passport number if applicable. … Send the message to 21101.You’ll receive a message after your NHIF account status has been processed.

How can I update my NHIF details online?

Visit www.nhif.or.ke. Sign in at the self-service portal. To register, you will need to have your NHIF card number, also use your email address and your phone number to register. Fill in the details, save and then submit.

What services does NHIF cover?

The cover includes hospital bed charges, nursing care, diagnostic, laboratory or other medically necessary facilities and services, physician’s, surgeons, anesthetists’, or physiotherapist’s fees, operating theatre charges, specialist consultations or visits and all drugs, dressings or medications prescribed by the …

How do I check my NHIF penalties?

How do I check my NHIF balance?Open your phone messaging application and compose a new SMS message.Type the letters “ID,” space, then your National ID number (or passport number if applicable) for example ID 12345678.Send the message to 21101.SMS charge service is Ksh 10 above standard rates.

How much should I pay for NHIF per month?

The NHIF rates and benefits calculation is based on gross income. With the introduction of new rates, the lowest contribution shall be Ksh 150 per month on monthly income up to Ksh 5,999. While the highest contribution shall be Ksh 1,700 on a monthly income over Ksh 100,000 as shown in the table below.

How much is NHIF Supa cover?

NHIF SUPA Cover is Kenya’s largest, reliable, accessible and affordable medical insurance cover that enables you and your family to enjoy an unparalleled benefit package. Supa Cover costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries.

How can I contact NHIF?

Kindly contact NHIF through the toll-free number 0800720601 or customercare@nhif.or.ke. You can also get assistance in the nearest NHIF service point.

What is the penalty for late payment of NHIF?

NHIF Penalties for Late Payments If you are self-employed, you are attracting a 50% NHIF penalty charge following late payment. For example, if you are contributing Ksh. 500 monthly then you will be paying Ksh. 750 for late payments.

How can I change my hospital in NHIF?

A. Hello Member, facility/ hospital choice/change is no longer being done at NHIF offices, to select or change the Preferred out-patient hospital, kindly dial the USSD code *155#, or Mobile App “My NHIF” on Play Store and Apple Store or Website (http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/nhifselfcare/).

What are the current NHIF rates?

500 per month.0 to Ksh. 5,999 – Ksh. 150.6,000 to Ksh. 7,999 – Ksh. 300.8,000 to Ksh. 11,999 – Ksh. 400.12,000 to Ksh. 14,999 – Ksh. 500.15,000 to Ksh. 19,999 – Ksh. 600.20,000 to Ksh. 24,999 – Ksh. 750.25,000 to Ksh. 29,999 – Ksh. 850.30,000 to Ksh. 34,999 – Ksh. 900.More items…•

What is the deadline for paying NHIF?

There are various variables that come into play, for example, you might not have cash to pay for your monthly premiums in time or if it accidentally slips your attention before the deadline which is 9th of every month.

What happens when you fail to pay NHIF?

If a person has failed to give his/her NHIF contribution in any of the months, he/ she have to pay a penalty which will be equal to five times to the contribution amount, under the Act of Penalty for late payment of standard contribution.

How can I activate NHIF after defaulting?

To reactivate your account, pay Ksh 1,500 via M-PESA Paybill number 200222 using your National ID as the account number. Your card will, however, be restricted for two months before you can access the benefit.

How do I check my NHIF outpatient facility?

Check NHIF status onlineVisit the NHIF website on your phone or computer.If this is your first time visiting the portal, you will begin by registering. … If you are already registered, you can log in to the self-service portal using the username and password that you provided during registration.More items…•

How long does it take for NHIF payment to reflect?

Between 24 and 48 hrs, but some payments are even instant. 4. What happens if you have not paid for long and you need to resume? You can either pay the backlog and the penalties, or you can just pay the principal amount and wait for 60 days to access the services.

How can I reactivate my NHIF account?

You can reactivate your NHIF card by paying KES 1,500. You will then have to wait for 2 months (60 days) to start enjoying regular services. You can pay via M-PESA (paybill no 200222) or at EQUITY, NATIONAL BANK, KCB, or CO-OPERATIVE BANK.

How much does NSSF deduct from salary?

The employer must deduct 5% from the employees total gross monthly wage and add 10% of the total gross monthly wage making a total contribution of 15% for each employee.