Bleaching Pink Hair At Home DIY Guide 2022 & Quick Fix Tips!

You probably have some questions about what’s going on with your hair if you’re like me. After all, there are so many colors and textures that come from being blonde, brunette, redhead, or any other shade – why should we be stuck with one particular hue?

And even though blonde is currently “in,” sometimes people want their natural hair color back after they’ve gone through dying. Unfortunately for them, this usually means going dark again — which sucks because dyeing hair isn’t cheap.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. It involves using unique products explicitly formulated for lightening colored hair (and yes, those same formulas work just as well for blondes).

Bleach has also been known to help smooth frizzies, enhance curls, give shine, add volume, and more. And while most people don’t think of bleach as something good for coloring hair, there are certain situations where it works perfectly. There’s no better way to get lighter hair than proper bleach use.

For example, if you dyed your hair platinum blonde but decided to return to its original color, you could wash it with regular shampoo and conditioner. But if you used the wrong type of bleach, it would only make things worse. This is especially true if you didn’t fully dry your hair before applying the bleach formula.

That said, here’s how to get rid of pink hair once and for all…

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Does pink hair need bleach?

Before we delve into specific tips for fixing damaged hair, let’s talk about whether or not you’ll benefit from bleaching your hair at all.

Bleaching Pink Hair At Home DIY Guide

The short answer: Yes. As long as your hair is healthy enough to withstand the chemical treatment, you won’t see any adverse effects. The problem comes down to how much damage already occurred and how well you treat your hair afterward. For instance, if you left wet hair inside a bag overnight without drying it properly, you’d end up damaging your locks further.

It’s best to avoid such scenarios altogether whenever possible. However, if you insist on doing so, keep reading for advice on preventing problems during application.

What will happen if I try to bleach my pink hair?

First off, let’s talk about the dangers of improperly mixing bleach solutions. Doing so poses three significant risks: skin irritation, eye contact issues, and chemical burns. Of these, the last two pose less trouble if you follow directions correctly. Eye protection is crucial, however, since bleach fumes contain hydrogen peroxide. When inhaled, hydrogen peroxide can cause severe breathing difficulties, chest pain, burning eyes, and nose bleeding, among other symptoms.

So always wear protective equipment, including gloves and goggles/face shield. Another important tip is never to mix multiple types of bleach together. Doing so may create toxic substances called hydroperoxides that break down the ozone layer and destroy DNA. Avoid combining chlorine dioxide with ammonia, hydrogen peroxide with sodium hydroxide, and oxygen with carbamide peroxide.

Now that we got that scary stuff out of the way let’s discuss safe ways to apply bleach. First off, take note of the precise instructions provided by the product itself. Most manufacturers recommend washing your hands thoroughly before beginning, then gently patting dry until completely dry. Don’t forget to rinse away any excess liquid carefully.

Always read labels to ensure products aren’t expired. Some brands carry warnings against exposure to sunlight immediately following application due to increased sensitivity. Be aware of potential allergies and sensitivities beforehand.

Finally, consider wearing rubber gloves when handling chemicals such as bleach. This will provide extra safety, but it also makes cleanup easier later.

Will bleach lift pink out of hair?

When done right, bleaching naturally lifts shades of brown, black, and white-out of hair. While this effect doesn’t work quite as well for pink hair, it still helps fade pigmentation significantly.

Here’s what to expect over time:

After 1st week: Your hair might look slightly lighter. Over the next few weeks: Once the initial shock wears off, results typically become noticeable within two months. Longer-term: Depending on overall health, you should notice significant fading after six months.

How do you fix bleached pink hair?

Once you decide to proceed, remember to avoid excessive sun, heat, and moisture. These elements speed up the breakdown of pigment molecules and ultimately lead to irreversible damage. Also, stay away from styling tools that generate friction, such as curling irons and brushes. Such accessories often produce static electricity that creates tiny electrical discharges near the scalp. These sparks burn the hair follicles and accelerate oxidation processes.

In addition to cleaning regularly, follow these additional tips for maintaining great looking tresses:

Use gentle shampoos that cleanse gently rather than dissolve keratin bonds. Keratin is a protein found in our hair, nails, and horns. Using harsh shampoos disrupts these bonds and weakens hair strands. Instead, opt for low pH cleansers designed to remove dirt and oil. Products containing ammonium lauryl sulfate (SLS) should also be avoided. They strip away oils needed to retain moisture and promote elasticity.

Avoid hot water entirely. Taking longer showers instead allows your hair to air dry naturally. Dryness promotes healthier growth and prevents split ends caused by repeated soaking. Just try to limit yourself to 10 minutes max.

Never sleep on wet hair. Let your mane dry naturally. Wet hair looks greasy and attracts dust particles. Plus, damp hair causes mold buildups that harm hair follicles.

Lastly, don’t rush the post-shower routine. Always allow hair to absorb the full strength of the showerhead first, then finish rinsing away residual cleaner. Keep hair soft and supple throughout the day with weekly conditioning treatments.

Keep in mind that each individual reacts differently to bleaches. So patience is key. Remember that it takes time to see fundamental changes.

Have you considered going to the salon to fix your pink hair?

While home remedies offer plenty of options, nothing beats professional service. A trained stylist who knows exactly what they need to achieve optimal results can quickly transform dull hair into shiny, vibrant highlights. To find a reputable salon nearby, check Yelp reviews or ask friends. Many salons nowadays feature YouTube tutorials to show customers step-by-step how to perform various services.

Also, always shop around for prices. Salons vary significantly in terms of quality, style, and professionalism. Fees generally range between $30-and $50 depending on area and clientele. You’ll find high-end spas offering top-notch beauty treatments at the upper end of the price spectrum. But don’t fret too much over sticker price alone. Consider the value of the services provided, expert knowledge, and personal attention. Above anything else, seek comfort level based on previous experiences.

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With these simple tricks, anyone should experience success in whitewashing their hair. Whether you’re tired of losing root coverage every month, suffering from stubborn gray roots, or wanting to revive lackluster beach days past, bleach can help accomplish your goal. Best of all, results tend to appear faster than expected.

To recap, the basic rules of safely bleaching hair involve thorough handwashing, appropriate attire, gloves, and cautious usage of products. Follow directions precisely and pay close attention to product expiration dates. Next, relax and enjoy the transformation.

Have you ever tried to bleach your hair? What was your favorite method? Share below!

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