How to Darken Your Eyebrows Naturally At Home

How to Darken Your Eyebrows Naturally At Home! 2022 Guide

If you want to know how to get darker eyebrows fast, then this article is for you! If you’ve tried everything from tweezing to waxing but still can’t achieve thick eyebrows, don’t worry because there are some easy ways that anyone can implement into their daily routine to help them grow fuller and darker eyebrows faster and more effectively. The best part about these methods is that they’re all pretty cheap, so you’ll be able to try out several of them without breaking the bank.

Read through below to find out exactly what I did to my eyebrows and how it changed my appearance completely.

How To Get Darker Eyebrows

First off, if you haven’t already done so, apply mascara to your lashes as usual (or use waterproof mascara) just before applying any other shadow/foundation, etc. This helps to hold all those tiny hairs together so that when you start building up the color, each lash won’t fall apart after being coated with too much pigment. Next, we need to create our base layer – foundation. As an absolute beginner who has never used makeup professionally before, I found that using a good quality primer was necessary. Primers add texture and life to foundations by helping the skin absorb the product better, thereby building up colors over the entire face instead of just on top of dry patches where the pores lie directly above the surface. By doing this, we create a flawless canvas upon which we can paint our masterpiece. Make sure you choose a complete coverage primer rather than one meant only for blemish-prone areas, as this will give a far more even finish. You may also wish to use a matte finishing powder like Tarte’s ‘Matte Finish’ setting spray ($22). It creates an airbrushed effect while making the complexion appear less shiny.

Next comes concealer, followed by foundation again. Concealers correct under-eye circles caused by large bags, puffiness, and redness. They should not be applied heavily since they can cause caking around the edges due to sweat and oil glands. Foundation acts like glue holding the layers together. After completing these steps, you need to blend out any harsh lines created by the eyeliner. To do this, lightly go back over the whole face with the same pencil to soften the line slightly. Then softly pat both sides down until blended away. Once finished, grab your trusty angled brushes and begin blending upwards along with the outer corners of the eye towards the temples. Use small amounts of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and gradually fade it down towards the ears. Don’t forget to fill in behind your ears as well. Opt for a highlighter shade lighter than your lip color for lips. Softly sweep it across the bottom of your pout, giving it dimension. Finally, once all the shadows & liner are complete, lightly dust the forehead, nose bridge, and chin with translucent loose powder to set the look and prevent creasing throughout the day. This step isn’t essential, especially if you prefer to use a foundation stick. A great tip would always be to carry two matching colored powders if you accidentally put on too much.

Now onto the fun stuff…

How to Darken Your Eyebrows Naturally at Home

  1. First thing first, trim your eyebrows properly. Trimming makes them straight and smooth-looking. There are three main eyebrow shapes: The arch, the point, and the flick. When deciding which form works best for you, consider whether you’d like straighter angles or thinner ends. Also, consider how often you feel like plucking. If you tend to stray toward the latter, you might benefit from going ahead and shaping yours right now. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut carefully, following the curve of your brow bone. Try to keep the width of your trimmed brow no wider than ┬╝”.
  2. With clean fingertips and gentle strokes, pull your eyebrows upward towards the centreline while pulling downwards towards the outside edge. Continue brushing upwards until you reach the desired thickness. Do this twice on each side to ensure equal length.
  3. Repeat Step 1&2 until satisfied with the results. Now it’s time to apply a light layer of clear conditioning lotion to moisturize your newly darkened brows.
  4. Grab your favorite eyebrow gel and run fingers slowly along the upper border of your eyebrows. Gently push upwards against your skin and repeat this process along the lower edge.
  5. Place a pea-sized amount of gel between the forefinger and thumb of either hand and gently rub. Hold firmly and move smoothly up and down the brow, paying attention to the direction of growth.
  6. Pay extra care to hard spots such as scars and ingrown hairs unresponsive to previous treatments.
  7. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry fully.
  8. Repeat as needed every few days for optimal results.

Note: Using salicylic acid products may cause irritation or stinging sensations, so discontinue usage immediately if experienced.

Homemade Brow Darkening Powder

  1. Mix beeswax, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, borax, and baby powder. Rub into the roots of your brows, concentrating particularly near the inner corner.
  2. Let sit overnight.
  3. Remove the excess mixture with a damp cloth.
  4. Buff with a soft toothbrush to remove residue.
  5. Repeat as needed to maintain the result.

Video Tutorial for homemade eyebrow darkening tint

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