why do my nails grow so fast

Why Do My Nails Grow So Fast? 5 Ways To Slow Down Nail Growth

Have you ever wondered why your nails grow so fast? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your nails, on the one hand, grow faster than the other or that they seem to grow more quickly during certain times of the year. Understanding the factors affecting nail growth can help you better care for and keep your nails healthy.

While genetics significantly determines how fast your nails grow, other factors can also impact nail growth rates. For example, blood flow to your nails affects the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, which can affect how quickly your nails grow. Certain health conditions, such as thyroid disorders or psoriasis, can also impact nail growth and appearance. Understanding these factors can help you better understand your own nail growth patterns and take steps to support healthy nail growth.

Why Some People’s Nails Grow Faster Than Others

If you’ve ever wondered why your nails seem to grow faster than your friends, a few factors could be at play. Some people’s nails naturally grow faster than others, but lifestyle and health factors can also impact nail growth.


One of the biggest factors in nail growth speed is genetics. Just like hair and skin color, nail growth speed is determined by your genes. Some people have genes that make their nails grow faster than others. If you have a family member with fast-growing nails, there’s a good chance that you inherited the same gene.


Your diet can also impact how fast your nails grow. Nails are made of a protein called keratin, so it’s important to eat enough protein to support nail growth. Biotin, a B vitamin found in foods like eggs, nuts, and sweet potatoes, is also important for nail health. If you’re not getting enough protein or biotin in your diet, your nails may grow more slowly.


Hormones can also play a role in nail growth. For example, many women experience faster nail growth during pregnancy due to increased hormone levels. Thyroid hormone levels can also impact nail growth. If you have an overactive thyroid, your nails may grow faster than usual.


Finally, age can impact nail growth speed. Children and teenagers tend to have faster-growing nails than adults. As you get older, your nail growth may slow down. This is because the nail matrix, the part of the nail bed that produces new nail cells, becomes less active with age.

Overall, there are many factors that can impact how fast your nails grow. While genetics plays a big role, you can also support nail growth by eating a healthy diet and taking care of your overall health.

How to Slow Down Nail Growth: Tips and Tricks

Do you find yourself constantly trimming your nails because they grow too fast? Or maybe you have a special occasion and want to keep your manicure looking fresh for longer? Whatever the reason, there are ways to naturally slow nail growth without resorting to harsh chemicals or procedures.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you tame your nails:

1. File Regularly

Filing them regularly is the easiest and most effective way to slow down nail growth. Doing this will also reduce the risk of breakage as well as make it easier to trim them even if they have grown longer than desired. For best results, use an emery board or glass file that has been specifically made for nails. Filing should be done in one direction from the outside edge of your fingernail or toenail towards the center instead of back and forth across the entire nail bed.

2. Keep Nails Smoothed

To prevent nails from growing too quickly, it is important to keep them smooth at all times by buffing away any ridges or bumps on their surface with a buffer block specifically designed for nails. Buffing should be done carefully in order to avoid damaging the nail bed or causing unnecessary stress on the nail itself. It is also recommended that after buffing, you apply a moisturizing cream or oil on your hands and feet in order to replenish lost moisture due to filing or buffing activities.

3. Use Cuticle Oil

By regularly applying cuticle oil onto your finger and toenails, you can help reduce their growth rate while nourishing them at the same time with essential nutrients they need in order for healthy growth, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, etc….… This type of oil usually contains antioxidant properties that can provide protection from external aggressors like sun exposure, windburn, or water damage which can cause dryness or brittle nails that may easily break off when not taken care of properly with proper hydration through regular cuticle oil application.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods rich in essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, zinc, and iron can also help promote slower nail growth while making sure they remain strong and healthy enough not to break easily due to daily activities like typing on keyboards or handling items with your hands on a regular basis. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, lean proteins (like fish), nuts, and legumes will all contribute towards healthier nails while at the same time reducing their rate of growth so you don’t end up with overly long ones every few weeks!

5. Avoid Biting Nails

Although it might seem like an obvious one, avoiding biting your finger and toenails is key if you want to slow down their growth rates effectively! Biting may seem harmless enough, but it does actually remove layers from your

What makes nails grow super fast?

The answer to this question is complicated, as there are multiple factors that can affect how fast nails grow. But these are the most important factors if we do not take into account age and genetics.


  • Leafy greens, like spinach and kale
  • Beans
  • Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts
  • Protein sources, including fish and eggs

Vitamins & Minerals:

  • Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)
  • Vitamin B (Biotin)
  • Zinc


  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Massaging your nails regularly with a nourishing oil or cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone if you’re wondering about fast nail growth and its effects on your health. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand more about the topic:

Is fast nail growth a sign of good health?

Not necessarily. While it’s true that healthy nails grow faster than unhealthy ones, fast nail growth alone is not a reliable indicator of good health. Many factors can affect the rate of nail growth, including genetics, age, diet, and lifestyle. So, if you have fast-growing nails, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthier than someone with slower ones.

Can fast nail growth be a sign of a health problem?

Yes, in some cases. Certain health conditions, such as thyroid disease, psoriasis, and fungal infections, can cause nails to grow faster than usual. However, fast nail growth alone is not a definitive sign of any specific health problem. If you’re concerned about your nail growth rate, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional.

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