10 Best Antibacterial Soap For Female Body Odor!

10 Best Antibacterial Soap For Female Body Odor! [2022 Guide]

Our top antibacterial body washes for this year. And don’t forget – always read the label to ensure the product is suitable for your needs. Adding an antibacterial cleanser will improve how you look and feel about yourself.

We have a wide variety of products that are not only safe but also effective in fighting off bacteria on your skin surface. This can include external (hands) and internal areas such as underarms or vaginal areas.

Below we list our ten best body wash picks based on their overall effectiveness against germs. We tested these ourselves, so you can be confident they work!

10 Best Antibacterial Bodywashes

1.) Eau De Vie Everyday Cleansing Cream

Eau de vie is French for “living water,” making sense because it’s fresh, smelling, and lightweight. It contains natural oils like coconut, lavender oil, and chamomile essential oils. Independent studies showed all three ingredients kill more than 99% of harmful microbes. Since ancient times, Lavender Oil has been used to treat many skin problems, including infections and wounds. Chamomile Tea helps fight acne-causing P. acnes bacteria, while Coconut Oils help reduce redness and irritation from shaving razors and other irritants. Combined, these benefits give eau de vie one of the most potent anti-bacterial formulas available today.

2.) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion

If you’ve ever had any facial cuts or scrapes, you know just how important hygienic precautions are when dealing with raw open flesh. The same goes for sensitive parts around your eyes and nose. That’s why we love face lotions that contain high concentrations of the active ingredient Octisalate. It fights Staphylococcus Aureus (S.A.), Streptococci Pyogenes (S.P.), and Candida Albicans fungus all at once. Not to mention its great smell and moisturizing properties.

3.) Blue Lizard Blemish Control Formula Daily Defense SPF 30+ Sunscreen

One good sunscreen does not necessarily mean another. Some sunscreens may provide adequate protection, and others might leave your skin dry after prolonged use. We recommend going with Blue Lizard’s BLEMISH CONTROL FORMULA DAILY DEFENSE SPF 30+. This formula protects against UVA rays without leaving behind drying effects common to some heavy-duty SPF 50+ sunscreens. Also, if you suffer mild rosacea flare-ups during the summer months, note that the company recommends using the daily defense version instead of the original formulation.

4.) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Care System

Cetaphil is made out of beeswax and is known for being very gentle and non-irritating for even the most delicate skins. They claim Cetaphil is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. It provides long-lasting hydration through its unique lipid structure. Its main ingredient is glycerin, and it is derived from vegetable sources. Many people swear by it and find it works wonders for their skin type.

5.) Aveeno Therapeutic Moisture Shower Bath Gel Pack

As much as 90% of what we consider beauty comes down to self-confidence. It would be best if you believed in who you are before anyone else could do so. With that said, there are certain things in life that we cannot control. However, shower gels are something we CAN control, and choosing the wrong one can ruin everything. Fortunately, we found Aveeno’s Therapeutic Moisture Shower & Bath Gel Pack offers exactly what we’re looking for… therapeutic moisture. What I mean by ‘therapeutic’ is that it helps restore balance and harmony to your complexion.

6.) Dove Men + Women Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Aftershaves typically come in two forms, either alcohol-free or having preservatives added. When you shave, you remove the outer layer of skin cells and expose new ones underneath. Unfortunately, this leaves hair follicles exposed to air, making them vulnerable to bacterial growth. We chose Dove Men + Women Sensitive Post Shaving Balm to solve this problem. We went with post shavers over regular shaving creams because this product contains Aloe Vera juice, which acts as an antiseptic to prevent bacteria buildup. Other vital ingredients include Zinc Oxide and Menthol.

7.) Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Towelettes

Different makeup removers depend on whether you prefer organic or conventional methods. Both have pros and cons associated with each method. However, there is no debate about how efficient those cleaning pads are. Clean & Clear Makeup Removal Towelettes get rid of stubborn traces of foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick quickly and effectively. They feature soft microfiber fabric to cleanse your face while preventing streaking gently. Each package includes 20 sheets.

8.) Philosophy BeautyBalm BB cream

Most women want to try every product offered by the brand they trust the most. Therefore, we decided to choose among several popular cosmetics brands. We settled on Philosophy’s highly rated Beauty Balm BB cream. According to reviews, it gives medium coverage for moderate skin tones. The finish is sheer yet buildable coverage. It lasts longer than other BB creams and won’t fade away too fast.

9.) Dr. Jart Plus Intensive Care Treatment Kit

A big part of our day is spent indoors, and sometimes, we tend to neglect taking care of our hands. Even though it seems insignificant, hand hygiene plays a huge role in reducing the risk of contracting diseases. Hence, we should keep our hands sanitized, especially after touching doorknobs, handles, etc. While washing up liquid can be very useful for general cleaning purposes, Dr. Jart Plus Intensive Care Treatment Kit takes disinfection to a whole new level. It combines hydrogen peroxide with silver nanoparticles. Silver is known for killing viruses and fungi on contact.

Moreover, it removes dirt and grime easily while providing an extra exfoliation effect. The kit includes a travel-size bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, 2 oz. Travel Size Hand Sanitizers and 1oz. Travel Sized Bottle of Pure Essential Silver Nano Particle Powder.

10.) Origins Botanical Collection Mineral Eyeliner Pencil

Black eyeliners are definitely in fashion nowadays, but not everyone likes how black looks on their lids. Luckily, Origins has developed a 100% vegan mineral eyeliners line that delivers rich pigmentation and blend-ability. Their colors range from warm browns and coppers to deep blacks.

Is antibacterial soap helping with body odor?

In short, yes. But there are certain caveats. First, keep in mind that Dial is primarily designed to combat odors caused by sweat and urine. Second, dial would probably add little benefit if you already use antibacterial soap unless you suffer from severe stinkiness. Thirdly, it doesn’t address the issue directly but somewhat indirectly via improving circulation, allowing your pores to breathe better. Finally, Dial is quite expensive compared to other similar options available online.

What Makes The Best Antibacterial Body Wash?

Many factors go into determining the efficacy of a particular product. Here are some guidelines to follow when shopping for the perfect antibacterial soap for female body odor.

First, check the labels carefully. Don’t assume anything. Look specifically for words like ‘antimicrobial’, ‘anti-smell’, or ‘odor neutralizer’. Secondly, pay attention to the scent. Does it smell nice and refreshing or overwhelming? Lastly, look for specific ingredients that target the root cause of bad smells. Are our aloe vera, tea tree oil, and rosemary extract mentioned anywhere within the description?

For example, we took a closer look at Uniqlo’s line of antibacterial body washes called Active Isolated Protectant Factor (AIP). First, let us break down what makes up AIP to see where the name originates. It consists of 3 separate components:

Active Ingredient #1: Aminobenzoic Acid (ABBA)

This component targets malodorous compounds originating from proteinaceous materials like meat, fish, dairy, and yeast. ABBA serves as an enzyme inhibitor that prevents amino acids from breaking apart proteins. Another exciting thing about ABBA is that it naturally binds itself to sulfur-containing substances. This results in more minor sulfides, thereby cutting down on foul odors.

Active Ingredient #2: Benzothiazole

Benzothiazole is a compound that is commonly extracted from plants and spices. Peppermint oil is comprised almost entirely of benzothiazole. This chemical substance kills various foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, Clostridium perfringens, and Bacillus cereus. Besides acting as a fungicide, it detaches dead skin cells, thus removing stains and discoloration.

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