How To Shop At Cosmoprof Without License!

How To Shop At Cosmoprof Without License! Easy 2022 Guide

Professional beauty supply store chain Cosmopolitan Products is known for its high-quality skincare, cosmetics, makeup brushes, etc. The company has been around since 1989 and sells over 1 million items per week across 200 stores in North America alone (but it also ships internationally).

The brand offers all types of beauty brands — including Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, Avon, Laneige, Lush, Philosophy, Neutrogena Skincare, Origins, Permed Hair Co., and many others. It’s easy to see why this massive retailer can offer such competitive prices on so many different brands—and even better deals when you take advantage of free shipping, discounts, and promotions.

And aside from being a top-rated destination for online shoppers who want affordable cosmetics, accessories, and fragrances, CosmoPro also offers some pretty cool perks for people interested in buying from them. For example, if you have your own branded product or service, you can become a business network member and get access to wholesale pricing on bulk orders. You may also qualify for additional incentives like discounts, samples, and gifts with purchases! If you’re curious about how to start shopping at CosmoPro, keep reading…

Can anyone shop at CosmoProf?

If you don’t run a retail location yourself but rather a corporate office or home studio where employees work with other artists’ creations, then yes. However, there are some restrictions depending on what state you live in—four states with no sales tax laws: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, and Oregon.

In addition to those states, here are three states with “use” taxes: California, New York, and Washington. As mentioned above, these use taxes apply to anything bought online. They do not apply to any item purchased in one of the states mentioned above with no sales tax laws.

As far as purchasing goes, you’ll be able to find everything from lipsticks, mascara, and foundation to nail polish remover and moisturizers. But because the majority of CosmoPro’s inventory consists of personal hygiene products, they currently won’t ship outside of the US unless you ask specifically about international shipments before making a purchase.

How to shop at CosmoProf without a license

Now let’s talk about how exactly you should go about shopping at CosmoPros. First off, you’ll notice that most of the pages contain big red buttons which say “Click HERE TO BUY.” This button will direct you to a page where you can fill out a form to place an order. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email confirmation stating that CosmoPro received your request. Afterward, you’ll receive another email stating that your order has shipped.

Before placing an order, check out our article detailing how to avoid getting scammed while ordering online, especially when dealing with companies that require payment via PayPal. Other tips include checking to ensure that you’re using a secure website, double-checking your address details, and confirming delivery dates through USPS tracking numbers.

Here are two sample emails sent from CosmoPro after receiving an order submission:

Sample Order Confirmation Email #1

Sample Shipping Notification Email #2

Next, discuss why you might consider skipping a CosmoPro membership subscription.

Why do I need a license to buy at CosmoProf?

CosmoPro does charge customers for certain services. Namely, if you wish to return something once opened, send back decorative pieces damaged during shipment, or create a gift registry, you must subscribe to its Membership Subscription program. The price range for each plan varies but generally costs $19-$39/year. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Member, click here.

Membership subscriptions come with several advantages. They allow users to participate in special events and contests. Still, they also provide access to priority customer support, personalized newsletters, early notification of sale alerts, exclusive coupons, and much more. Some plans also give members the option to earn points based on their spending habits. These loyalty rewards help incentivize future purchases.

However, if you’d prefer to skip paying extra on top of your already discounted prices, you can still enjoy the same perks by signing up for promotional codes instead. For example, CosmoPro frequently runs promo codes that grant free shipping on specific categories, such as apparel, skincare, and makeup.

You can easily search for any coupon code related to CosmoPro products by typing “[brand name] coupon,” followed by “+coupons” into Google Search. Then select Coupon Codes from the results list under More Tools & Services.

Another way you can save money on CosmoPro products is by visiting sites that specialize in selling the company’s stock. Sites like Fakespot and Wishlist Discount feature tons of legitimate listings for CosmoPro products.

On Wishlist Discount, you can browse by category to view complete lists of available discount cards and filter by color, size, and type to narrow down your choices further. On Fakespot, you can sort by popularity to view new arrivals first.

These websites typically post any newly added items within 24 hours. So, whenever you spot an exciting deal, visit Wishlist Discount or Fakespot right away to snag the best deal possible.

Does CosMoPro only sell to professionals?

No. While CosmoPro mainly caters to stylists, salons, spas, and similar businesses, the company carries hundreds of different products meant for everyday consumers too. Therefore, anybody could potentially benefit from saving on pricey beauty products.

For instance, if you’ve got dry shampoo lying around unused in your purse, you could try experimenting with various shades until you discover the perfect match. Or maybe you’re looking for a quick fix solution for dull roots and grabbing a lighter hue halfway between brown and blonde instead of going straight for the super dark shade and risking root shock. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always mix colors for a unique blend. Just remember to follow proper application guidelines and know your face shape beforehand.

Additionally, if you love trying out new skincare routines, you can always experiment with different cleanser options until you find those that suit your complexion. With luck, you’ll soon realize you’ve stumbled upon your favorite daily cream!

But perhaps one of the biggest reasons to join CosmoPro’s Membership Program is the wide selection of products available. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a budget-friendly alternative to expensive department store cosmetics or looking to treat yourself to a luxurious spa day now and again.

Can I use my CosmoPro card at Sally’s?

Yes. Although CosmoPro doesn’t exclusively cater to professional accounts, you can undoubtedly bring your credit card with you. Present your card at checkout and proceed with the rest of the transaction as usual.

According to CosmoPro’s official statement regarding the matter:

“[We] do not believe it be appropriate to issue cards solely to [our clients]. We recognize that having a credit card issued by us gives our clientele peace of mind knowing that they can pay for whatever they desire, however large or small, and allows them to maximize savings offered by our site.” Cosmo Pro Blogger

So, if you ever decide to stop styling for good, you can keep your card on hand to refill your account balance. Plus, the company occasionally notifies its Members of promos and sales throughout the year. However, you shouldn’t expect monthly statements or notifications concerning upcoming payments — that said, rest assured that you can cancel your account at any time.

Additional FAQs about CosmoPro:

Is CosmoPro safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! CosmoPro takes security very seriously, ensuring that its entire platform is protected against hacking attacks. Its systems are regularly monitored to prevent malicious activity and comply with industry standards. Additionally, CosmoPro uses SSL encryption technology, meaning your information is securely transmitted while remaining private.

Are CosmoPro returns accepted?

Absolutely. Since CosmoPro strives to accommodate its customers, it accepts most returns within 60 days of receipt. Returns are reviewed carefully to determine eligibility, compliance with the terms of use, and authenticity. Furthermore, CosmoPro maintains strict policies surrounding counterfeits, and if you happen to come across a fake product, the company will replace it immediately with a genuine version.

Is CosmoPro legit?

Yes. CosmoPro operates legitimately and ethically according to federal regulations. All transactions made through the site are processed in real-time, encrypted, and strictly controlled by safeguards designed to maintain your privacy and protect sensitive data.

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